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Promoting Your Web Site

Now that your web site is up and running, you want people to stop by to visit and shop. We have a few inexpensive suggestions to help guide visitors to your web site.

  1. Be sure to list your web address on your business cards and letterhead.
  2. List your web address in your yellow page ads. Shoppers will usually check out a web site for information before they call or stop by to see someone listed in the yellow pages.
  3. Include your web address on all direct mail outs and print ads.
  4. Print your web address on brochures and informational handouts.
  5. Start an email list to encourage repeat customers. Offer visitors to your web site the opportunity to sign up for occasional updates, sales or promotional contacts. You can also extend email updates to your in-store customers. Be sure to include your web address on all your emails.
  6. Exchange links with related businesses and web sites to draw more viewers to your site. Many businesses will exchange links for free because it benefits them as much as it benefits you.
  7. Join our maintenance program, which includes regular submission of your domain to search engines and web directories so customers can find your web site on-line.
  8. Update your web site regularly with our maintenance program so your site remains fresh and new to returning visitors.
  9. Encourage your staff to remind customers that you have a web site they can visit for information anytime.

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